Waimea Bay at Sunrise
I bought this print for my living room. It now proudly hangs over my fireplace. The print in metal is gorgeous and also a focal point in the room. In addition, I have gotten many, many compliments on the picture. Also, I had some questions before buying. Debbi was great at guiding me in the size to get. Customer service was outstanding. It shipped quickly. I can’t wait to get more pictures from Debbi as we redo more rooms in our home. Debbi Marquette Photography is outstanding! I can’t praise her work enough!

Sally F – California


Natural Fine Art Landscape and Wildlife Photographs by Debbi Marquette

Debbi Marquette is an award-winning photographer who specializes in fine art landscape photographs and wildlife photographs.  She has spent years traveling throughout the US capturing unique images of the best that nature has to offer.  Her gallery delivers exceptional quality online photography print sales that leave you breathless. 

High Quality Fine Art Landscape Photography Prints

Experience the beauty of our world inside your home with Debbi’s fine art landscape photos.  Since every picture in her gallery tells its own story of natural beauty, you can bring those stories into your own home with your purchase.  Artistic, yet natural, her sweeping landscape and wildlife photos make you feel like you’re a part of each scene.  In addition, her ability to bring these scenes to life makes her photographs magnetic. 

Award-Winning Bald Eagle Wildlife Photographs

Debbi’s fine art wildlife photography includes award-winning photos of bald eagles.  Most important, her approach to capturing photos of wildlife is always authentic and hands-off.  She keeps a safe distance from the animals she photographs, ensuring that the only marks she leaves behind are through the lens of her camera. 

Customized Print Options

Every photograph is offered on professional quality materials and can be purchased with your choice of metal, canvas, or fine art paper.  Each material has its own advantage.  For example, canvas leaves the image unobstructed so you can soak up every detail. The artistic metal prints also leave the image unobstructed, and perfectly compliment a more modern interior.  If photographic art paper is your choice, expect a polished and artistic result.  In addition, a maple wood print is available for select photographs. 

Bring Nature into Your Home or Business

From the Grand Canyon to Hawaii’s breathtaking coasts, Debbi has captured some of the most stunning scenes the US has to offer.   Fine art Landscape photographs and wildlife photographs can instill a sense of wonder or inspire travel.  Whether you are looking for the perfect piece to add to your living room or would like to highlight your love for the great outdoors in your office, you’re sure to find a truly authentic and artistic image in Debbi’s online gallery.   Discover her online landscape gallery and find the perfect print for you. 

You can contact Debbi here.   Also, be sure to visit the Online Photography Print Sales Gallery.  The Design Gallery will provide ideas on displaying your landscape photographs and wildlife photographs.