About Me

Join me on an adventure of a lifetime! Next let me show you the world, nature and familiar places like you’ve never seen them before! The sounds, the colors, the movement. It’s all there, and it’s beautiful!


First welcome to my page.  I’m Debbi and I focus on wildlife and landscape fine art photography.  So what does that mean?  To begin with, I define fine art photography as an image that is inspired by nature.  It will also make you feel as if you are there.  In fact I will only offer images that meet both criteria.

Above all my goal as a landscape photographer is to capture moments and memories.  For example to capture a moment that will be gone in a heartbeat.   Or a moment impossible to recreate due to weather, lighting, etc.   In addition, I look for light and weather to create the right image.  This also makes my photography different and original.

My love for photography began as a child.  Since I grew up in a military family we moved a lot.  This also meant there were new places to take pictures.  In fact, I was the one in the family with the camera!  As a result, taking pictures became my way of capturing people, places and moments.  


I also realized my passion was seeing and experiencing new places.  So my love for travel began.  Of course when I travel, I’m looking for natural beauty. Therefore, the National Parks in the U.S. are some of my favorite places.

Later I went to college and studied business.   After a successful career in the corporate world,  I left and retired early.  Then I followed my passion as a wildlife and landscape photographer.  So now my office is the outdoors!  And of course I love working in it.  

Finally, my career as a wildlife photographer started by chance. Bald eagles returned to the area near my home thus allowing me to take pictures of them.  Of course,  I am always taking photos from a distance so the wildlife do not feel in danger.

After reviewing the website, you can view display ideas in the Design Gallery.  Also all pictures are sold in the Gallery Shop.  And feel free to contact me with any questions.