About Debbi Marquette Photography | Landscape photography, nature photography, bald eagle photography, and travel photography

Welcome to my photography page!  I'm Debbi Marquette Photography.  My landscape, travel and nature photographs are inspired by nature.

Here are the specifics about me:
• This is my full time job
• I love to travel
• I’m based in Upstate New York State (think cows, farms and Adirondack Mountains, not city)

Photography Journey

I’m often asked about how Debbi Marquette Photography was started.  My love for photography started as a child growing up in a military family.  Because I was always the one in the family with the camera, I documented everything from places we visited to all family functions.  Having lived in my places in the United States and Europe, I assume that is where my love for travel and landscape photography began.  Seeing new places is my passion.  For travel photography, I’m always looking for natural beauty.  For this reason, I LOVE the National Parks we have in the United States, and DISLIKE tourist attractions (hate tourist attractions seemed like a strong word to use, but it is probably more accurate). Travel photography is another passion of mine.  I started bald eagle photography when eagles returned to the area where I live.  It is now another photography passion.  I specialize in nature photography because it is natural beauty and what grounds me.  

Subsequently, I wanted to capture how I felt in that moment:

  • The certain peaceful calm that nature brings through. nature photography
  • How small I felt looking at a mountain when taking landscape photography pictures
  • Maternal instincts of a mother eagle feeding her baby when taking bald eagle photography pictures
  • Overall beauty that our world has if you take the time to see it 
  • And show views of our natural world in ways you may not have seen before through my travel photography 

At first, I captured these moments originally to print in my home.  After that, I  realized the pictures provided the comfortable  look I wanted in my home.  Eventually I evolved to the business of photography and started Debbi Marquette Photography.  

Wall Art Criteria

Requirements for my home wall art were that the picture had to: 

  • Be serene
  • Provide photographs of nature at its best
  • Be a focal point in my home 
  • Bring a smile to my face
  • Be relaxing 
  • Make my home feel warm and inviting

While art is subjective, I still use this same criteria in my art today to decide if something goes on my website.  Whether it is landscape photography, nature photography, bald eagle photography or travel photography all prints go through the same selection criteria.  

My home has metal prints because I like the frameless modern look they provide. In addition, I can’t even begin to tell you how many complements I have received.   Also, the pictures appear to pop off the wall when printed on metal. This is particularly beautiful with landscape photography and travel photography.  

Photographic Philosophy

My photographic philosophy is simple.  Specifically to capture the natural beauty of nature photography as it is seen and record those moments and memories. I pursue realism in my images, seeking to share the moment as it really was, rather than modifying them into surreal works of art.  Nature has its own beauty and photographic manipulation is not necessary.  I always strive to capture the moment with my camera and bring you a unique piece of art of natural beauty.  In order to create dynamic compositions, I look for amazing  light and active weather.  

At first,  I never had a desire for wildlife photography.  That is until bald eagles returned to my area. Since then I’m pretty obsessed with capturing the natural lifecycle of the bald eagle.  My approach to capturing photos of wildlife is always authentic and hands-off.  Therefore, I keep a safe distance from the animals to ensure that I don’t disturb their natural environment. 

Outstanding Customer Service

In addition to providing you with the best quality, my goal is to also to provide you with the best customer service at an affordable price. I always do my best to make sure your transaction is smooth.  In fact,  I even offer a full money back guarantee!  If you don’t see a print you are looking for,  please feel free to contact me.  I have a lot of pictures I have not added yet, and also am always traveling so may be able to accommodate your request.  Debbi Marquette Photography can also be found on Amazon and Etsy.  

Awards and Publications

A recent published article is a 4 page article and pictures published in Nature Photographer Magazine. This is a terrific magazine full of great articles and pictures if nature photography is something you are interested in.

Nature Photography published article on Bald Eagle Age Progression | About Debbi Marquette Photography | landscape photography, nature photography, bald eagle photography, and travel photography