Welcome to my page.  I’m Debbi and I specialize in landscape, nature and wildlife fine art photography. My love for photography started as a child growing up in a military family.  I was always the one in the family with the camera – always!  I documented everything from places we visited to all family functions. I have lived in many places in the US and Europe growing up and assume that is where my love for travel began. I am most at home seeing new places. When I travel, I’m always looking for the natural beauty. I LOVE the National Parks we have in the United States.

My husband and I have raised three grown children and travel as often as we can to see new places. I became more interested in “serious” photography in order to capture the beautiful places we traveled to. I wanted to be able to capture what I saw to hold on to that memory – captured moments!

I went to school at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and studied business. After a successful career in the corporate world, I retired early in order to pursue my passion.

My office is the outdoors and I love working in it!

I currently live at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in New York State. This gives me plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery around me. With my location and my love to travel, I am able to get outside often which brings calm and comfort to me.  The world is a beautiful place and my photography is a medium to share and experience the beauty through printed art.

I am also fortunate that bald eagles have re-inhabited the area that I live in providing many opportunities to photograph them along with snowy while owls.

My philosophy is simple – to capture the natural beauty as it is seen. I do minimal post processing to any picture. For wildlife, I am always taking pictures from a distance so the wildlife do not feel threatened. My goal is to bring the outside in for your enjoyment.

Traveling far and wide is my biggest passion in life!

Embark with me on an adventure of a lifetime! Let me show you the world, nature and familiar places like you’ve never seen them before! The sounds, the colors, the movement. It’s all there, and it’s beautiful!