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December 28, 2022
Hawaii ocean picture over a fireplace, Hawaii photography, ocean photography,
Hanging Wall Art – Top 5 Tips | Debbi Marquette Photography
Wall Art provides the finishing touches to your home decor.  Once you have selected your artwork, hanging it is just as important.  After working with designers and buyers, read the top 5 tips for hanging wall art.  
December 6, 2022
National park photography, Grand Teton photo over fireplace
National Park Nature Photography for your Home Decor | Debbi Marquette Photography
The US National Park System is a true national treasure.   Over 400 national parks preserve 85 million acres of the world’s most treasured historical sites, landscapes and ecosystems.  Whether you are decorating a home or room, or want to preserve memories of a vacation, National Park photography prints can bring the outdoors into your home.
November 1, 2022
Decorating with black and white pictures
Decorating with Black and White Pictures | Debbi Marquette Photography
Do you want a timeless and classic look for your home decor?   B&W wall art photography is a color combination that is both classic and modern.   Black and white pictures on your wall will  work in any space and never go out of style.  Decorating with black and white photography pictures has outlasted trends, changing fads, and remains a constant timeless look.  Continue reading below for B&W wall decor ideas.