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November 4, 2022

Going to the Mountains is like going home.

John Muir

Finding Solitude in the Mountains

Lately, I find myself not able to deal with stress that life sometimes throws at you.  My solitude has always been the mountains.  So needing some mountain fix, off I went to find some mountain “me time”.  Taking off down a road called the Scenic Hometown Highway, where patriotism runs proud, I was instantly feeling better.  Seriously, the name of the road was Scenic Hometown Highway and I passed creeks called Ossahatchee Creek and Mulberry Creek.  I was heading to Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park in Georgia.  Epic vistas, unique formations, jagged mountains and crystal clear rivers awaited me.  

American flag on a farm gate with man overlooking field.


Some background, I live near the Adirondack Mountains in New York State.  Upstate New York in the fall is nothing less than brilliant, but Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park did not disappoint.  I explored, hiked a little, and took some pictures. 


F.D. Roosevelt State Park

F. D. Roosevelt State Park is 9049 acres, and is Georgia’s largest state park.  If you are a hiker or backpacker, this is the place to be.  There are more than 40 miles of trails, and the Pine Mountain Trail is 23 miles long through hardwood and pine trees, over creeks and past small waterfalls.  

Loving the mountains goes beyond wanting to vacation in them.  The mountains bring me a peace that nowhere else can.  Maybe it’s because being away from the noisy society is peaceful.  Maybe it is the smell and sounds of nature.  I believe in the power of nature and its healing powers.  I like the peace and happiness out in the wild.  

F.D. Roosevelt State Park in Georgia views. Finding solitude in the mountains. View of a lake at sunrise.
Finding solitude in the mountains at F.D. Roosevelt State Park in Georgia. View of lake and fall trees in the mountains.

My Camera

I’m often asked what camera I shoot with.  I’m a firm believer that any modern camera today and produce a good picture.   I use a Canon R5 as my main camera.  It is a mirrorless camera, but most importantly it is a great tool.  I am able to get it to translate the vision that I see into a photograph.  My key reasons for this camera are: 

  • It is 45 mp.  For some photographers, that is too much.  For a landscape photographer it is my sweet spot. 
  • It’s a Canon.  I have used a lot of Canon cameras and have always found them dependable, reliable and intuitive to use.  
  • The RF lenses are truly amazing.  I have always had EF L series lenses, but the RF lenses produce stunning images.  
  • The image stabilization is outstanding

But this isn’t a blog about cameras.  If you want to know more, please contact to me.  

Where do you find solitude?  I’d love to hear where your happy place is? 

Debbi Marquette Photography is located in Upstate New York at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.  Debbi is  an award winning and published  travel, landscape and bald eagle photographer specializing in artistic, authentic, and memorable landscape and wildlife photography.   She travels frequently, lives near the mountains and constantly has a camera in her hand to capture photographs so others can see the beauty of our world.

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