Landscape and Wildlife Photographer

Fine Art Printing Options

The following are Fine Art printing options for nature and landscape photography:  


Fine Art Photography printed on metal is a fantastic medium. Since the need for frames is eliminated, metal provides a nice modern look for your home or office.  As a result, this edge to edge view for nature and landscape photography is clean and eliminates clutter.  In addition, metal prints are made using coated aluminum, resulting in a finished product that is modern, durable, and glossy.  They bring a 3 dimensional look to the photography because photos really seem to pop off the surface. Aluminum metal prints are also very durable and are UV resistant, waterproof, and scratch resistant.  And each metal print comes with a 3/4 inch float mount so it is ready for hanging.  Additionally, there are two options for metal print finishes – matte and glossy.  Due to this durability, this is my preference for fine art printing of landscape and wildlife photography.    


The high-quality white poly-cotton canvas ensures color accuracy, sharpness, and a smooth finish to give you a superior image presentation.  These are 1.5″ canvas with a black border on the sides.   

Canvas Float:

Another fine art printing option is a canvas float wrap.  To begin with, a canvas product is wrapped around a lightweight gatorfoam board.  Then canvas floats are finished with black paper backing and also a foam floater block with pre-drilled holes for hanging.  I personally prefer canvas floats over gallery wrapped canvas because the photographs pop off canvas floats due the beautiful sheen on them.

Wood Print:

You can also give your images a warm, natural feel on wood prints made of maple. Because the wood grain shows through the lighter areas of the photograph, printing on wood gives them a rustic look. Consequently, this medium is not suitable for every photo.  Prints on wood also come with precut keyholes in the back and are easy to hang.  Maple wood is durable because it is 1/2″ thick.  Therefore, only prints that are conducive to the wood look are offered in maple.  

Fine Art Print: 

A traditional fine art printing option is gallery quality paper.  The images are printed on heavyweight fine art photograph paper.  Also photographic paper is .58 mm thick with a soft matte texture. This is truly professional top quality photographic paper.

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