Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

What is a Contemporary Fine Art Gallery?   Contemporary Fine Art  Photography goes beyond the literal representation of a scene or subject. It  deeply expresses the feelings of the photographer and clearly reveals that it was created by an artist and not by just the camera.

The photograph must reproduce what the artist was feeling when they were observing a particular scene. It is not an editorial capture of a moment in time. The photographer may use a variety of methods such as:

  • long exposures
  • wide-angle lenses
  • different depths of field
  • color
  • black and white
  • or other techniques to draw the viewer’s eye to a specific area of the photograph.

The camera, the processing of the raw image in software and the amazing high-definition printers used today are tools to create the finished product of what the artist was seeing and feeling.

The artist’s expression could be anything from abstract images to small intimate scenes to large scenes capturing an entire mountain chain in a contemporary fine art gallery

Feel free to contact me with any questions on any of the beautiful contemporary fine art photographs.

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Winter is almost over with flowers peaking up through the ice

wine bar, las vegas

water droplets on flowers

photography gallery image of wine and beer grouped together on a bar

kitchen art

bar art

Debbi Marquette Photography | Nature, Landscape, Wildlife and Contemporary Fine Art Photography


rustic barrels

Debbi Marquette Photography | Nature, landscape, wildlife and contemporary photography



contemporary fine art landscape photography picture of old stone town


cartegena, columbia

fine art landscape and nature photography print show lit cafe sign with darkened cafe interior



cross on water at sunset


italian restaurant

ocean rocks

rocks stacked in ocean