Traveling Hawaii with the SONY A7RIII
January 9, 2019
Fine Art Photography of Kilauea Lighthouse on Kauai Hawaii Two weeks in Hawaii.  It was certainly some of the best two  weeks ever.  My husband and I travelled to Hawaii for vacation for us.   Of course, being a photographer taking pictures was one of my goal... VIEW POST
Exploring a Lava Tube in Hawaii
December 31, 2018
inside a lava tube in Hawaii looking out to the ocean Exploring a lava tube in Hawaii is a unique experience.  A lava tube is essentially a cave formed from lava.  That’s my non-scientific definition.  This lava tube was formed when the lava flow got thi... VIEW POST
Bald Eagle Nest
April 12, 2018
two eagles sitting in a nest - travel wildlife photographer print for sale I never started out to be a wildlife photographer.  Photographing wildlife found me.   Unless there is new fallen snow, there are not a lot of photographic opportunities in upstate New York in the win... VIEW POST
March 23, 2018
Often when I travel and tell people I'm from New York State, they instantly think of New York City (NYC).  Actually, I  live closer to the Canadian border than I do New York City.  I live in a rural a... VIEW POST
March Snow
March 16, 2018
Person parasailing over the ocean at sunset - travel landscape photographer print for sale Snow In upstate New York is not uncommon.  But it's March?   And it is snowing and big beautiful flakes are coming down as I write this. Now don't get me wrong, snow is beautiful; I actually like snow... VIEW POST
Upstate New York Fall
October 16, 2017
I started Film photography 5 years ago and I still think this is the best choice I made. VIEW POST