Bald Eagle Nest
April 12, 2018
two eagles sitting in a nest - travel wildlife photographer print for sale I never started out to be a wildlife photographer.  Photographing wildlife found me.   Unless there is new fallen snow, there are not a lot of photographic opportunities in upstate New York in the win... VIEW POST
March 23, 2018
Often when I travel and tell people I'm from New York State, they instantly think of New York City (NYC).  Actually, I  live closer to the Canadian border than I do New York City.  I live in a rural a... VIEW POST
March Snow
March 16, 2018
Person parasailing over the ocean at sunset - travel landscape photographer print for sale Snow In upstate New York is not uncommon.  But it's March?   And it is snowing and big beautiful flakes are coming down as I write this. Now don't get me wrong, snow is beautiful; I actually like snow... VIEW POST
Upstate New York Fall
October 16, 2017
I started Film photography 5 years ago and I still think this is the best choice I made. VIEW POST