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December 28, 2022

Overview of the Trail

Kolekole is a hiking trail on the island of Oahu Hawaii on the North Shore.  Kolekole Pass is a short hiking trail that occupies the main gap in the Wai’anae Mountain range.  It is 1724 feet to the top.   Although the hiking trail is short, the beginning is steep with wooden steps the leads to a beautiful view of the Wai’anae Coast.  

Kolekole pass is on the military post Schofield Barracks.  It is only open on weekends the military is not using the area for firing practice.   The military will post whether or not the trail is open on the Facebook page www.facebook.com/usaghawaii.   You will need a pass to get access to the military post.  Bring photo ID and your rental-car contract or proof of vehicle insurance. Go to Lyman Gate on Kunia Road to get access from the security guards.  


Kolekole Pass was once believed to be where WWII Japanese fighters passed through on their way to bomb Pearl Harbor.  In reality, the planes flew along the inside, not through, the mountain range.   However, in the movie Tora! Tora! Tora!  the planes flew through Kolekole Pass.   

The Beheading Stone

On this Oahu hiking trail, you will pass a ribbed stone rumored to have been used by ancient Hawaiians for ritual sacrifices of fallen warrior chiefs.  There are two legends associated with this stone.  The first legend is that in ancient times people from Wahiawa would meet those from Waianae and Kolekole and challenge each other for the right to pass at Kolekole. The chief of the side that lost the challenge would be forced to kneel before a large rock on the pass and place his head on it to be killed. The stone is nicknamed “the beheading stone.”

Another legend from Hawaiian mythology  is a woman named Kolekole was the perpetual guardian of the pass.  She keeps intruders from the coast from entering the sacred lands of Wahiawa.  Those trekking through would leave flowers and leis on the stone as gifts for her. 

beheading stone on Kolekole hiking trail on Oahu Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii photography, hiking, ocean

First Lookout Point

The first lookout point shows a nice view.  There are better views when you reach the top.

1st lookout on Kolekole hiking trail on Oahu Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii photography, hiking, ocean

At the top

At the top,  the view provides the scenic Wai’anae Coast.  Notice you can see to the ocean.  

View from the top of Kolekole hiking trail on Oahu Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii photography, hiking, ocean
Kolekole hiking trail on Oahu Hawaii, Oahu, Hawaii photography, hiking, ocean

Although it is a shorter hike, Kolekole Pass trail provides views that excellent views.   It is a hike worth taking that won’t take all day, provides a beautiful view and still leaves you time to see other sights.  I highly recommend this hike on Oahu Hawaii.

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