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Winter Solstice: The longest night of the year | Debbi Marquette Photography

Golden foggy sunrise at the river is a winter river at sunrise foggy morning picture.

Winter Solstice:  The longest night of the year Winter Solstice signifies the shortest day of the year.  It is the day the earth’s axial tilt is farthest from the sun.  My husband loves winter solsti...


National Park Nature Photography for your Home Decor | Debbi Marquette Photography

National Park Nature Photography Do you love our National Parks? The US National Park System is a true national treasure.   Over 400 national parks preserve 85 million acres of the world’s most treas...


What is Christmas Spirit? | Debbi Marquette Photography

Holiday Dining Photography Prints | fine art photography

What is Christmas Spirit?   For many people, Christmas season is upon us.  Even for those that don’t celebrate Christmas, this blog is not about the religious holiday, but rather the feelings.  What ...


Professional Photography Prints on Metal | Debbi Marquette Photography

Professional Photography prints on metal wall art prints, wall art home decor printed on metal is stunning in your home decor | fine art photography prints for sale | art prints make perfect gifts

Professional Photography Prints on Metal As a photographer, I look for the best mediums to print pictures to decorate my own home and office.  I like printed and matted pictures, but my favorite is p...


Christmas in my Hometown | Debbi Marquette Photography

Christmas in my hometown Moving as a child, I wanted to stay in one place.  Growing up in a military family, we moved frequently.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a wonderful life full of travel and adven...


Thanksgiving Thanks | Debbi Marquette Photography

Thanksgiving blog, Give Thanks, Thanksgiving 2020, holiday traditions

When you think of Thanksgiving, what images come to mind? Turkey?  Apple pie? Pumpkin Pie?  Watching football?  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?  My husband remembers fond Thanksgivings playing foo...


Capturing your Everyday Photography and why I use Olympus OM-D Cameras | Debbi Marquette Photography

Capturing Everyday Lifestyle Photography and why I use Olympus OM-D Cameras Many photographers got started in photography in order to capture everyday moments and everyday life.  Sometimes capturing ...


Give Wall art, a thoughtful Christmas gift | Debbi Marquette Photography

Gifts for those who have everything Hate boring gifts?  Me too!    Hate boring gifts? You have been wracking your brain.  You have spent hours searching the Internet for ideas, inspiration and have ...


Olympus E-M1X First Impressions | Debbi Marquette Photography

First Impressions of Olympus OMD E-M1X Below are my first impressions of Olympus E-M1X.  This may seem a little late to some of you since the camera was released in 2019, but I recently switched from...


Why I switched from SONY to Olympus Cameras for travel photography | Debbi Marquette Photography

Why I Switched from SONY to Olympus cameras for travel photography This is part 2 of my thoughts on the Olympus E-M1 Mark III, called EM1 throughout this post .  I have been testing the EM1 for a cou...


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