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Bald Eagle Nest in Upstate New York | Debbi Marquette Photography

Bald Eagle Nest in Upstate New York Introduction This is the story of bald eagles in the Mohawk Valley of Upstate New York and one particular nest.  I have been watching and photographing this bald e...


Two Days in Denali National Park | Debbi Marquette Photography

2 day in Denali National Park | Debbi Marquette Photography | photo of Mount Denali Alaska showing peaks above the clouds | Alaska vacation ideas: take a Denali National Park tours |

Two Days in Denali National Park  Are you looking for Alaska vacation ideas?  Denali National Park in Alaska is a must see United States National Parks.  Besides wildlife, it has meandering rivers, b...


Great Blue Heron Rookery | Debbi Marquette Photography

Great Blue Heron Rookery featuring the great blue heron habitant, great Lue heron nest, and great blue heron nesting platforms.

Great Blue Heron Rookery The great blue heron, the largest North American heron, nests in colonies called rookeries.  I had been looking for a great blue heron habitant to photograph!  Something abou...


Decorating with Black and White Pictures | Debbi Marquette Photography

Decorating with black and white wall art photography brings a classic, modern look to your home decor. Black and white pictures for your wall can add a timeless look. Black and white wall decor ideas include bedroom and dining room. Read more to learn about decorating with black and white pictures.

Decorating with black and white pictures Do you want a timeless and classic look for your home decor?   B&W wall art photography is a color combination that is both classic and modern.   Black an...


Travel Photography Tips for Beginners | Debbi Marquette Photography

You have spent time planning the perfect vacation!   Picturing jaw dropping photographs that you plan to take, you can visualize the pictures on your wall!  Taking good travel photos is not always e...


Documenting history during COVID-19 | Debbi Marquette Photography

What was life like during the COVID-19 pandemic?   Some day someone may ask you that.  I think it’s worth people recognizing that we are living in history through this unique moment. Now is a good ti...


First impressions of Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III

First impressions of Olympus for the best travel camera Knowing that there are several reviews on this newly released camera, mine is a bit different.  I don’t normally shoot Olympus.   My current ca...


Add Nature Photography Art to Your Home | Debbi Marquette Photography

Picture of the Grand Canyon in Arizona | Grand Canyon sunset photography print | Grand Canyon sunset pictures | Grand Canyon photographs | Grand Canyon at sunset wall art decor

Nature Photography Art  Have you ever wanted to bring nature into your home in a professional sophisticated way?   The easiest and quickest way to add nature to your home is with nature photography w...


Bald Eagle Life Cycle Stages – Birth to Adult | Debbi Marquette Photography

Bald Eagle Life Cycle Stages - Birth to Adult Did you realize that it takes about 5 years for a bald eagle to develop into the white headed, brown body with white-feathered tail raptor that we all kn...


Exploring a Lava Tube in Hawaii | Debbi Marquette Photography

Exploring a Lava Tube in Hawaii   Exploring a lava tube in Hawaii is a unique experience.  First, a lava tube is essentially a cave formed from lava.  That’s my non-scientific definition.  This lava ...


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