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Road Trip: Mount Hood Oregon | Debbi Marquette Photography

Mount Hood Drive Come take a road trip with me to scenic Mount Hood Oregon.  From winding rivers to evergreen forests and from orchards to Trillium Lake to an 11,239-foot mountain peak, the natural f...


Kolekole Pass Hiking Trail on Oahu Hawaii | Debbi Marquette Photography

Kolekole Pass Hiking Trail

Overview of the Trail Kolekole trail is on the island of Oahu Hawaii on the North Shore.  Kolekole Pass is a short hiking trail that occupies the main gap in the Wai’anae Mountain range.  It is 1724 ...


Humpback Whale Watching in Alaska | Debbi Marquette Photography

Introduction On a trip to Alaska, I wanted to go humpback whale watching.  I didn’t really have a reason why.  It just sounded like something that I’d like to do.  And since I love nature photography...


Mormon Row – Grand Teton National Park | Debbi Marquette Photography

Mormon Row - Grand Teton National Park  Grand Teton National Park is a photographer’s dream.  Stunning mountains, lakes, wildlife — it has it all.   Mormon Row in Grand Teton is settler’s homesteads ...


My Love For Travel and My Top 20 Travel Quotes | Debbi Marquette Photography

My Love For Travel and Top 20 Travel Quotes Travel is my passion.   It may have something to do with living on 3 different continents before I was 12.   I’m happiest when I travel.  The fact that I...


Hanging Wall Art – Top 5 Tips | Debbi Marquette Photography

Top 5 Tips for Hanging Wall Art  Wall Art provides the finishing touches to your home decor.  Once you have selected your artwork, hanging your wall decor it is just as important.  After working with...


Driving the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii

Driving the Road to Hana Just before my husband and I were starting our trip on the road to Hana, someone mentioned, “it’s too long” and it’s boring.   Well, now that I have been on the entire road d...


Bald Eagles Nesting in the Mohawk Valley | Debbi Marquette Photography

Bald Eagle Photography  I never started out to be a wildlife photographer.  Photographing wildlife found me.   There are not a lot of photographic opportunities in upstate New York in the winter unle...


Biking the Erie Canal Trail Buffalo to Rome | Debbi Marquette Photography

Introduction In July, my husband and I decided to do an Erie Canal Bike Trail vacation combining two loves of mine - biking and photography.   I knew the photographs were not going to be awe inspirin...


Fall in Upstate New York | Debbi Marquette Photography

I started Film photography 5 years ago and I still think this is the best choice I made.


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