Nature Photographer



Opportunities to see and photograph are all around.  Join me on my adventures.  The ebook collection includes landscape photography, wildlife photography, bald eagle photography and travel photography.  These books are an inexpensive way to get new ideas for your own photography.  Spark your imagination and motivation. Or enjoy browsing through the pictures. 

The landscape photography, wildlife photography and bald eagle photography ebooks contain some facts, interesting stories, ideas of how I got the picture, and include many pictures.   But please read the description for each book.  These ebooks include some never seen before pictures of beautiful places, wildlife and adventure.  Some books are photography guides and tips. 

The PDF ebooks are instantly downloadable once payment is processed.They can be read as is in PDF format, and on most readers such as Kindle.  These are great to have with you for travel and places where you have to wait.   Contact me if you have questions.  

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