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Juvenile Bald Eagle picture of an immature eagle perched on a tree branch.  This is sure to be a focal point in your home decor.  


Juvenile Bald Eagle Pictures Story 

I never started out to be a wildlife photographer.  Photographing wildlife found me and I now love bald eagle photography for wall art.   Did you realize that It takes an eagle about 5 years to reach the white head, yellow beak and dark feathers that we visualize when we think of Eagles?  This is a juvenile bald eagle picture and the immature eagle is about 3 years old. This juvenile bald eagle nature photography print is sure to be a focal point in your home decor.   

I found a new passion for bald eagle photography when the eagles started appearing back in the area that I live in, the Mohawk Valley of upstate New York. This immature bald eagle was in a tree along the Mohawk River.  At first, the eagles created quite a stir in the little rural area that I live.  There is a nest close by and eagles come to the river during winter months to catch fish for food.

Details about Immature Bald Eagle Picture

– Young bald eagle photography on a tree branch.

– Stunning nature photography

– Bald eagle photography wall art makes fantastic home decor.

– Two print mediums to choose from:

– Ready to frame fine art photography paper

– Ready to hang metal

– Detailed information on print mediums located here.  

Nature Inspired Wall Art

Wall art inspired by nature makes your home or office look and feel fantastic. Every print is professional museum grade quality so you never have to worry about inferior art. With a large variety of nature photography from around the world, on this sight you can provide each room in your house with the look and feel you desire.

Purchase Juvenile Bald Eagle with a full guarantee.   The picture will be the best quality metal or print. If you are interested in additional Bald Eagle Photos please visit the  Bald Eagle and Wildlife Gallery.

For more information on what happened to this eagle’s nest read here.

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