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What is Christmas Spirit?  

For many people, Christmas season is upon us.  Even for those that don’t celebrate Christmas, this blog is not about the religious holiday, but rather the feelings.  What is Christmas spirit? Christmas spirit can apply everywhere and to anyone.  How do we define Christmas Spirit?  What are gifts to give for Christmas spirit?  How do you spread Christmas spirit?  The words of Edna Ferber, American novelist and Pulitzer Prize winner, come to mind: “Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.”  What defines Christmas to you?  Is it gifts?  Parties? Family time?  Shopping?  Food?   How do you spread Christmas cheer? Or is it the good feeling that you get this time of year?  

Material things

How many times do we say, “what did you get for Christmas?”  It seems to be the most asked question.   I know as a child I never remembered a bad Christmas.  I got more than I ever wanted or needed for Christmas.  But today, I can’t say I remember one toy that stood out that made a great Christmas.  Instead, what I remember is the family dinners, the good times had by all, my brother and I arranging the gifts under the tree numerous times and making roads for matchbox cars on the gifts,  friends and family stopping over, laughter, joy and just plain fun.   Do some real soul searching yourself.  What do you remember?  Toys? Gifts? Or love? 

2020 has been a difficult year for some.  Christmas can be an emotional holiday for many people.  There is pressure to spend money on gifts.  We think of Christmas as a time for getting together, but many people are lonely during the holiday season.  It seems like commercialism has taken over.  Christmas decorations are out right after Halloween and we seem to skip right over Thanksgiving.   It feels like we are losing sight of Christmas spirit. 

Here is a clue, it’s not about the gifts you get. 

How can we spread Christmas spirit

To define what Christmas means to you, we need to do some soul searching. The gifts that we give should be a symbol of our love, and not an obligation.  Do you need gift ideas that require little to no money?  See below on ways to spread Christmas spirit.  

Gifts of Christmas Spirit

The gift of time

Do you know someone that can use some help around the house or chores?  No gift can ever replace the love someone feels when time is spent together.   Spread Christmas cheer by giving your time.  

The gift of appreciation

How many times do we want more, yet don’t appreciate what we already have.   We spend too much time wanting more and not enough time appreciating what we already have.   

The gift of service

To embrace the Christmas spirit, give to those most in need.  Do service for someone in need, leave a donation, cook a meal for someone.  Baking cookies?  Drop some off at a neighbors house.   We can enjoy the Christmas season more if we help others who are in need.  

The gift of friends

Instead of exchanging gifts with friends, plan a time to get together and enjoy each other’s company.  There are endless things you can do to enjoy each other’s company.   You can even do this virtually.   

To me, above all, Christmas is a feeling of the heart. It is that selfless action that brings people together—the love of your family and friends.  Until one feels the spirit of Christmas, there is no Christmas.   Christmas becomes what we decide to make it.

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